Website building and maintenance

You don’t yet have a website or your website is to old?

We build your new website and take care of the technical maintenance!

You already have a website?

It is a challenge to keep up with the rapidly developing technique needed for maintaining the functionality of a website. With the rise of smartphones and tablets and new Web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, a site that was built a few years ago is no longer functional. Open your site on a smartphone and you might get a surprise. In technical terms it means the site is not “responsive”; it is unable to adapt to the size of the different screens. Graphics additions such as Flash and Shockwave are fast becoming obsolete because they can cause security risks and don’t work on tablets and smartphones.

If you need to customize your website, wouldn’t it be preferable to do it yourself rather than having to rely on the person who originally built the site for you?

You don’t yet have a website?

With the arrival of mobile devices almost no one uses a phone book anymore. They search for your company on the Internet. No website? Then your business will be much harder to find! We can build a modern user-friendly website for you for a reasonable price and you can manage the content yourself.

So, time for a (new) website!

What can we do for you?

We build your new site in a so-called content management system (CMS). We take care of the technical side and you take care of the content (texts, images and documents). Moreover, we can also add the content for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. We prefer to use Joomla! as CMS, but building your website in WordPress is also possible. We can also build a webshop with WordPress/Woocommerce including online payment.

Findability of your site.

Of course your site must be easy to find. The CMS has various ways of improving findability. Google also has tools we can help you with. Just having a website no longer suffices. You also need visibility on social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. We can help you improve your presence on Internet in a variety of different ways.

Technical maintenance of the site

Unfortunately, just contructing a website is not enough. Every site can become a target for hackers with the launch of new Web browsers and mobile devices. This necessitates regular new versions and (urgent) updates of the CMS, and we have an annual subscription for the technical maintenance of your site. We test the updates first before installing them on your site. Once a year we perform a maintenance check and take care of the back-up of your site. We support you in your work on your site.


If you have German and / or English content, we can make a Dutch version for you. This is important for customers on La Palma because more and more Dutch guests are coming to the island.


The price for the construction of your website depends on what you want, but through the use of standard applications we can provide your site often for as little as € 100.00. For the annual maintenance the prices start at € 100.00, depending on the amount of features your site has. The subscription runs per calendar year and each year we ask you whether you want to continue the subscription. Given the low cost there is no refund possible on earlier termination of the annual subscription.


We will do our very best to ensure that your website stays safe and problem-free. We can never guarentee 100% protection because the external influences are too great. We can, however, help to reduce the effects of problems that arise.


If you have any questions or want a quote? Please use our contact form.

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