Computer management

How many computers do you own and are they always up to date?

We can remotely manage your computers so you have as little problems as possible!

My computer works fine, why does it need to be maintained?

When you buy a new computer the software you install will be the most recent versionof the operating system (Windows) and other kinds of software. Manufacturers continually launch updates because mistakes are made when building the software which are used by attackers who want to access your computer for illegal purposes or clean out your bank account. Computers without Internet connection that never receive data from other computers (via USB sticks or Cds) don’t need to be updated. But who uses a PC without Internet these days? So to exclude as many risks as possible all your computers needs to be as up to date as possible.

Aren’t updates installed automatically?

All computer programs you are use, have their own method of installing updates. Unfortunately that does not imply that they will always working well so you need to check that regularly. Typically a maintenance job that you neither feel like or have time for!

Time to outsource your computer maintenance!

What can we do for you?

To keep the cost down, we manage your PCs remotely. We work with a subscription model that consists of totally updating your computer once a year. We check that everything is up to date and scan your computer for viruses and other unwanted additions. You can also mail us throughout the year with computer queries and ask our opinion about IT matters regarding your computer.


We are specialized in software maintenance. If you have a hardware problem, such as a broken monitor or a faulty hard drive, then please refer to a local computer specialist. We can, however, help you rebuild your repaired computer and provide assistance after buying a new computer. See also below regarding backups. We can also advise you when purchasing a new computer, printer, scanner etc.


In addition to the software on your computer there are of course your private documents, photos, music and films. But what if your computer breaks down and cannot be repaired? Then you have lost your precious photos! It is therefore necessary to make backups of your PC. You will need to make the backups yourself but we can give advice as to the best method for you. That can be a combination of one or more external drives or even an online backup on the Web.


The price for the maintenance of a computer is € 90.00 per year. For more than two computers the price for the first 2 computers is € 90.00 per computer. For all subsequent computers the price is € 80,00 per computer. The subscription runs per calendar year and each year we ask you whether you want to continue the subscription. Given the low cost there is no refund possible in case of an earlier termination of the annual subscription.


We will do our very best to ensure that your computer stays safe and problem-free. We can never provide 100% guarantee because you as user play a role in the safety of your PC and we have no control over hardware. We can, however, help to reduce the effects of problems that arise.


If you have any questions or want a quote? Please use our contact form.

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